Make Music Like Cooking, Miyauchi Yuri

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on October 18, 2011 10:00 AM

Process of Music Creation, Revealed.

Though a composer is not intended, it just makes its listeners so damn happy and cheering. Also, it surely is a good pump-up music for work out and treadmill running at a gym. Yuri Miyauchi (Yuri is his first name and Miyauchi is his last name. As a musician, he is credited as Miyauchi Yuri, but for the convenience, EDGY JAPAN refers him as Yuri), a man behind the creation of such tone, simply admits, "This trait of composition is something that I can't explain logically. I have this habit for creating such tones. Plus, I'm not good at creating dark-doomed songs and I simply don't like them."

What's more interesting is that Yuri's composition and the world behind its creation is so original, and there is no distinct music category that classifies his genre. It seems this fact is coherent with his composition processes.

"When I compose I tend not to use music instruments that add flavor to the composition. For instance, if you play a steel pan, no matter how you play, its composition will end up with a flavor of Carribian. Same for shamisen -- the composition will represent orient, or Japan."

if that's the case, in order to maintain "neutral-ness" of his tones, what does he play?

"I like the sounds, created in our daily activities -- sound of dishes hitting each other, whistling, etc.."

You'll notice these tones on his compositions and live performances.

What is more interesting about Yuri is that you get to witness his process of music making -- just like Yan Can Cook in cooking. Yuri broadcasts Honjitsu no Onngaku "Today's Music", a 1.5 to 2 hours long USTREAM live broadcast that attempts to create/improvise a song from scratch within this time frame.

"This attempt began when my friend was giving me a hair cut at my house. The sound, created by his scissors, was somewhat rhythmical and I created a little sound note with this. My friend loved this process and I realized that this act can be made public -- that's how Minna no Ongaku gave birth."

With amusing and interesting approach to his music, Yuri characterizes his music like this.

"People sometimes refer my music as 'a laboratory of music'. I think this is an interesting expression of my world and I tend to agree. "

Wait up for more of his neutral yet distinctive world of Yuri.

Yuri Miyauchi's Official Website: http://www.miyauchiyuri.com/

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