Designing from Daily Deeds, fift

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on October 13, 2011 6:50 AM

All ideas from what we do and how we behave naturally.

Conceptualizing and materializing ideas from our daily deeds. There aren't many creators that are skilled enough to produce such output, but fift, a husband-wife-Okayama-based design studio, considers themselves that it's their expertise.

"While many products are focused to create some sort of 'convenience' through their usage, we try to come up with ideas/concepts of the products from our habit. We are simply producing products that aligns with our deeds."

Katsunari Igarashi, the husband, said.

Let's site visual examples to understand the philosophy of fift.

If you are wearing eye-glasses, you must have wiped dirty surface of glasses on the bottom-edge of your shirt in the past. When this conventional deed is in a hand of fift, it turns out to be like these:

wipe shirt

pick a jewel

wipe T shirt

wipe T shirt

Shirts, above titled "wipe shirt", and bottom titled "wipe T shirt", are designed in a way that they also accommodate the wiping function of your glasses.

The black part, the wiping part, is made with a felt-like microfiber and this surface is an ideal material for wiping glass/plastic surfaces. As for the wipe T shirts, three curved stripes, which signify its design, as well as the wiping function, are designed to align with a movement of a car wiper.

wipe T shirt

"These shirts may be considered or categorized as a 'unique' product -- something that makes people laugh. But as a designer, we meticulously designed each element so that our natural deeds are naturally translated into a product."

Asami Igarashi, the other half of the fift, said.

fift's other line up, "pick a jewel", is definitely worth noting to understand the design studio's style further.

"There are tons of flower-based accessories in the market. Each flower is given some sort of treatment -coating is one example - to shape it as a product. But I came to realize that the virgin-form of flower itself is beautiful, and I thought about a way to utilize natural flower as a wearable accessory. This is the starting point o pick a jewel."

Asami said.

Its answer -- a hook. On the hook, one can pick "a flower du jour" -- then, clip it and wear it. Just like you pick a flower on your routine walk to a garden everyday.

pick a jewel

pick a jewel

pick a jewel

Aside from the design approach, what distinguishes between fift and the others is that fift actually manages the production and sales of each product. As Katsunari admits, "We are not only designers -- we are more like a small manufacturer." fift is capable of putting their ideas into the final products.

"Though each lot in not a large sum, this system allows us to create exactly what we want."

Katsunari added, and continues with fift's future vision.

"As mentioned earlier, all of our works are based on our daily life, and so far, most of the outputs happened to be in a form of product. Ever since we've relocated to Okayama in July (fift was based in Tokyo before.) we felt a strong sense of community -- people, town, and society. With this regard, our output in the future may not be restrained to product -- it could be infrastructure."

fift's products are available from novelax online store.

fift's official website: http://fift.jp/


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