Resonance with Our Daily Deed, FROLICFON

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on July 14, 2011 1:00 PM

His sound creation = Coherent with our life.

Whatever you're doing, his creation -- sound -- synchronizes harmoniously with you. Whether you're driving, cooking, eating, or commuting, the sound flows along with your deed. Why -- it's because his sound, which is a collective of multiple sound sources, reflects what you see and do at any given moment.

This synchronic sound is created by a sound artist, Keiichi Sugimoto. Keiichi is also known as Frolicfon, and Frolicfon mainly leads 2 separate sound projects, FourColor and FilFla.

FourColor is a project, which focuses on the process of sound creation.

"I've been always thinking what it takes to create a flow of sound from each note. FourColor is a journey to seek and extend possibility of its expression."

Keiichi says.

Keiichi uses a guitar when creating sound as FourColor. But it's not all about plucking 6 strings.

"Plucking is one of the ways to produce sound. What I do is to extend the possibility of a guitar as a sound source -- for instance, hitting a guitar's body like a drum, knocking pickups, and plugging on and off a cable from a guitar."

Keiichi adds.

FilFla, the other sound project, puts emphasis on a composition of live sound, employing an extensive usage of a guitar, sound track, drum, and horns. In this project, human voice --vocal part-- is also treated as a part of sound.

"Human voice is employed on some of the songs, but I treat it more of a sound expression instead of a meaningful verbal message. My usage of vocal on FilFla can also be described as scat singing -- the vocal is treated as melody, instead of voice. I like to compile a wide variety of sound sources, and put them into a sound composition."

When hearing Keiichi's creations with both eyes closed, many scenes emerges internally from the listener. Such moment is often described as, "A world that coexists quietness and saltation / softness and strongness / ups and downs." In some way, it's a mirror image of our daily lives. After realizing this uniqueness of his sound and the same sound is heard while walking down a street, the sound and scenery synchronize -- each step on the street is in sync with a beat -- sometimes, even amplifying and softening what you see and feel.


"Some people claim that when its raining my sounds are really in-tune with the surrounding."

Keiichi says. But whether it's sunny, or cloudy, or snowy, or windy -- there will surely be new surprises in the world with his sounds on. Now, let's grab you iPod and hit streets.

FROLICFON's Website : http://www.frolicfon.com/


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