LiFETONES/PRAY for JP, Ringtones for Earthquake Relief

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on March 17, 2011 11:59 AM

Convergence of Edgy Talents and Relief Activity

LiFETONES (also featured on EDGY JAPAN), an online ringtone store for smartphone, is initiating fund raising activity for Tohoku Region Pacific Ocean Offshore Earthquake.

LiFETONES produced a special compilation package of ringtones, titled "PRAY for JP". A package of 16 tracks of ringtone is a work of aus, Ametsub, miyauchi yuri, I Am Robot and Proud, Lullatone, itoken, FilFla, Minotaur Shock.

"I don't know how much music can save people However, I wish to unite (people with) the power of music." Yuri Miyauchi said. "I wish this action helps many victims and their families and revive those affected areas." (FilFla / Keiichi Sugimoto)

Itoken who composed a fresh track for this album, "hero" enthusiastically said, "I want to help!!".

PRAY for JP is JPY1,000 and all the revenue will be forwarded to Japan Red Cross.



PRAY for JP is available from Bandcamp and Giftee.

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