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Hi-Tech Infrastructure-Driven Izakaya Dining

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on January 13, 2011 4:10 PM

Magic Behind All JPY250/piece Food and Drink.

When it comes to infrastructure and efficiency, as well as a wicked dining experience, Japan is so good at it. Companies, conducting B to C dining business, are always aware of their customer's activities and they do whatever necessary to come up with new service/infrastructure to accommodate their overwhelming demands.

So, how does the situation look like now? Because of this so-called recession and deflation in Japan, people are spending less and less at restaurants/bars. In order to tackle this issue, the dining industry has come up with a restaurant like JPY300 Izakaya shop --just like JPY100 shop-- food, draft beer and shochu----everything is served JPY300.

In the world of capitalism, when a shop like this launches a competition emerges. Later, its competitor has created a similar store with more competitive price -- JPY270 Izakaya.

In order to make profit out of from short margin, one thing a company do it to cut a staff cost with an aid of technology. Watami, one of the biggest Izakaya dining chain operators in Japan, successfully came up with all JPY250 Izakaya -- Gyoten Sakaba Wasshoi (Surprising Izakaya Cheers)

This is how the store looks like.

Wasshoi Sakaba

Each table has a touch-screen panel and this is the key ingredient.

Wasshoi Sakaba

Once a customer walks in to the store, the first thing she/he needs to do is to purchase a pre-paid transit card, like Suica.

Wasshoi Sakaba

Wasshoi Sakaba
Menu. All JPY250

Then, place an order from this touch screen, and make a payment by placing the pre-paid card on the sensor.

Moment later, drinks and foods are being served.

With this system, the restaurant allowed to eliminate the number of staff significantly.

Got to admit the quality of food is the equivalent to the price you pay, but beer from the tap -- this price is tempting. Good for a quick drink and a few nibbles.


Gotanda 5-28-12 Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
TEL: +81 (0)3-5475-3945
Open: 1600-2400

Akabane 1-23-2 Kita-ku Tokyo
TEL +81(0)5249-3961

Open: 1600-2400

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