mindbike, Bicycle with a Whole New Design

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on January 5, 2011 5:11 PM

Bicycle You've Never Seen.

mindbike is like IKEA furniture. It can be available in a flat pack, and you get to assemble it at home with your handy tools. (Perhaps, with some sweat.)


Adaptation of this Do-It-Yourself style in a bicycle is unprecedented in the industry but the surprise doesn't end in here. Let's take a look at each characteristic one by one.

1. No Welding Required when Assembling
Unlike all the other bicycles, mindbike's frame uses a modular aluminum pipe, and bolts are used to connect all the parts. In another words, all you need is several wrenches to assemble all the parts.

Here's a movie of how it's assembled at home with handy tools.

2. Single Beam Design
Most of the bicycles employ a truss-structure (triangular frame structure) to spread the load of the rider.

Conventional Truss-Structure (Triangular frame) Design Bicycle

mindbike employs a single beam design, creating a whole definition to a bicycle design.

Single Beam Design

"This single beam spreads the load horizontally along the beam and therefore, truss structure is not required."

Takeo Sunami of TS DESIGN, the chief designer of mindbike said. Mr. Sunami was a designer for MUJI's bicycle series is the past.

"Since a single-beam structured bicycle was non-existent in the past, I believe this is a new invention in a bicycle."

Test Run at Yoyogi Park

3. Attachment Function
Since the shape of all the frames are uniform, third parties can develop the optional parts, (basket, iPhone case, etc.) and share it.


Mr. Sunami with mindbike

Currently, mindbike is accepting a reservation for its purchase. Also, the developing team is looking for distribution partners from overseas. If you're interested contact them or EDGY JAPAN.

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