Sweetest Christmas Ever

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on December 1, 2010 7:59 PM

Osamu Watanabe's Sweet Christmas Exhibition

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Osamu Watanabe, an edgy-kawaii-fake cream artist has done is again. From today (December 1), Osamu's solo exhibition, Osamu Watanabe Sweet Christmas Exhibition, opened its door to the public at Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro.

With a concept of Christmas, the room is maxed out with Osamu's sweetest ever collections, including animals, furniture, paintings, etc.

All the items are available for sale.

From December 1 to December 7
AT: 6F, Main Building, Seibu Department Store, Ikebukuro.
A workshop will be held on December 5 1300~ and 1500~. JPY2,500.

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