Edgy Drinking/Eating Experience in Shiuya with EDGY JAPAN

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on November 23, 2010 5:47 PM

Edgy Experience Just Got Edgier.

When it comes to a food stall, many people think of Bangkok or Hong Kong -- satay, fish ball, and noodle are people's favorites.

Not to sure how many people are aware of this -- Tokyo is also known for accommodating classy food stalls, mainly serving ramen noodle and oden.

Got to admit that the experience at any food stall in Tokyo itself is already an edgy event, but what about having some edgy experience with EDGY JAPAN?

Mie Suzuki (pictured on the top image, sipping shochu), one of EDGY JAPAN's long time friends (and drinking buddies) and a talented graphic designer, will be hosting one-day-only stall master in Shibya Tokyo on November 26th. From 2100 until everyone passes out.

This is how the stall looks like.

Mie the Edgy Stall Master

Mie the Edgy Stall Master

Mie will be serving sweet potato shochu and her self-prepared dishes, which are likely to go well with shochu.

The best way to get to the stall is take New South Exit (Shin-Minami Exit) of JR Shibuya Station. Make a left turn and walk for 50m.

If any of EDGY JAPAN readers out there wish to join, simply, come along, or contact us for the detailed direction.

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