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design with an environment match

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on October 11, 2009 6:32 PM

A shutter or gate. Its purpose is to BLOCK people's entry. Because its purpose, its design tends to be cold/monotonous.

But just because you want to protect your own property, you can't put a huge-thick-scary looking-shutter in the middle of a posh residential district, because it just won't match with the surrounding environment.

Now, what do you do? Here is the answer?
さて、どうしよう? こちらが答え。
A leaf-shaped shutter.

20091011_2.jpg 20091011_3.jpg
Right next to this structure -- same old rigid gate. (Australian Embassy)

20091011_4.jpg 20091011_5.jpg
AT: Mita Public Conference Center / 三田共用会議所(Mita 2-1-8 Minato-ku Tokyo) (A conference center, owned by the government of Japan. G7 Summit was held in here in 2008.)

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