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best car park ever (Edgy Hong Kong)

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on May 24, 2009 10:29 AM

What's so great about Hong Kong? If you were a tourist, you would say, "food" "architecture" "shopping." If you were an edgy person, you would say, "infrastructure."
香港の何がスゴイかって? もしあなたが旅行客なら「メシ」「建築」「ショッピング」と答えるだろう。もしあなたがいわゆる「エッジーな人」なら「インフラ」と答えるに違いない。

Here is a case for you. A car park. What's so great about it?
20090524_2.jpg This car park has 2 levels, and before you drive into the park, there's a digital signage that displays how many bays are left at each level. This number is, of course, live.

Once you drive in, there's another sign - Straight = 2 , Right = FULL. You no longer need to search for the slot.

How does it work? There's a sensor at the top of each bay. When there's a car, the sensor turns red, and it is recognized as taken. When a car is gone it turns green and recognized as clear.
どのように機能しているのか? センサーが各駐車スペースの上に設置されており、駐車中はライトが赤に点灯。「満」としてシグナルが送られる。空いている時は「緑」。「空」としてみなされる。

20090524_4.jpg 20090524_5.jpg
Next time when you are in Hong Kong, watch out for a beauty of infrastructure.

AT: New Town Plaza I, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

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