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flexible memo

by Hiroki Yanagisawa on April 22, 2009 3:46 PM

What kind of a product do you expect from "FREE CUT MEMO."

Each page's edge is so sharp that you can get absolutely get a paper-cut?!

All you can cut-and-use memo paper for free?

The answer by KOKUYO, one of the major stationary manufacturers in Japan, is more functional one.
20090422_2.jpg 20090422_3.jpg
This memo pad, Tidbit, has 5mm x 5mm perforated line on every sheet, and you can cut a sheet horizontally and vertically at any length. (an increment of 5mm) この商品、チビットは一枚一枚のシートに5ミリx5ミリのミシン目が入っていて、縦横好きなように切り取ることができるのだ。

Available 3 sizes, (110mm x 70mm / 130mm x 80mm / 150mm x 100mm) and 2 lines. (5mm x 5mm horizontal and vertical perforated line and 6 mm horizontal perforated line.)
サイズは3種類 (110mm x 70mm / 130mm x 80mm / 150mm x 100mm) 、2種類のミシン目 (縦横5mm x 5mmと横6mm)

AT: Many stationary stores and some convenience stores.

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